Raid Shadow Legends Hack 2019 Free Gems Generator No Survey

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RAID Shadow Legends Hack 2019 is the latest and working no survey online app generator to get free gems. Have you ever asked yourself on how to hack the game RAID: Shadow Legends? Or is their a legit way to hack the game of RAID Shadow Legends and get free gems? This questions made us curious that leads us in making a working hack for the RAID Shadow Legends game.

Raid Shadow Legends Hack Free Gems Generator No Survey

RAID: Shadow Legends is a free-to-play mobile game developed and published by Plarium Games for Android and iOS devices released in January, 2019. Wikipedia

Play RAID: Shadow Legends today and get a free bonus of in-app gems via the latest and working Raid Shadow Legends app hack.


Basically you have to purchase gems which is an in-app purchase of the RAID Shadow Legends game. There is also some tips, tricks and guides to get free gems but the easiest way to get what you need without spending any money is to use our RAID Shadow Legends Hack.

We provided it automated, fully working and free which you can enjoy to the fullest. RAID Shadow Legends game hack app are in the market but were useless and trash. RAID Shadow Legends Mod Apk were also being sold to the market. So in order for you to save time and money then just go right away to our classic RAID Shadow Legends Hack or Cheat.


  1. Unlimited Gems via RAID: Shadow Legends Hack
  2. Online Hack Tool for RAID: Shadow Legends game. In other words, no Jailbreak or root required
  3. Available for all Mac, Windows, Android and iOS devices
  4. Embedded Anti-Ban Script to avoid the risk of banning
  5. No Download
  6. No Ads
  7. Automatic Updates


  1. Choose any version to start “RAID Shadow Legends Gems Generator”.
  2. Enter username/email of your account.
  3. Choose your desired amount of RAID: Shadow Legends Gems.
  4. Proceed to last step.

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This is a collection of tips and advice for playing RAID. Some useful hints to help you get started with the game in the right way. Check out the battle guide for more details on playing the game.

Link Your Account

The most important thing to do when you start playing the game is to link the game to Facebook or a Plarium account. This will save your progress and mean you won’t lose everything you work for if you have an issue with the game. Also, if you need to uninstall the game and install again.

To link the game to FB or a Plarium account tap the player avatar icon at the upper left then select the option to connect to Plarium ID or FB.

Check The Market

Make sure to check the in the market for the deals every day and grab the best artefacts when they become available. You can get high-grade artefact from the market which is an opportunity not to miss..

Take care building Champions

How you build your Champions and the artefacts that you equip will allow you to activate powerful effects. Champions are of four types and, if you equip the 2/4 artefacts of the same type, a set effect will get activated. For example to boost the attackers you should equip offense type / crit-type artefacts.

  • For defenders defense artefacts.
  • For HP, life artefacts.
  • Lifesteal set is good for all.

You can check the recommended artefact set for a champion by going to the champion menu, then tap the champion, tap the review button above the level bar and then choose the recommended artefacts tab.

Also remember to not to waste your Tomes.Tomes are required to upgrade the champion’s skills and they are very hard to get. You get these tomes as a login reward, progression reward, challenges. Do not use these on a champion unless yo know they are going to be of use to you in the game long term.

Farm Resources

Another way to make the Champions stronger is to level them up. To do this add the champions in the team and repeat the stages to farm EXP for them and also gain artefacts. You can sell unneeded artefacts for silver. You can also farm in the dungeon mode to to gain potions, scrolls, shards and more artefacts.

Save up your Gems to unlock the Mine

Gems are a valuable resource and the mine will let you produce more of them for free So it makes good sense to save up any that you are rewarded with in the game to allow you to unlock the mine itself.

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