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Hello Golf Clash Players, Hi, Today I am going to show you this new Golf Clash hack that i’ve tried and actually works 100%!

People want to get free gems and coins in golf clash by using Golf Clash Hack. They need unlimited coins as a Golf Clash Cheats to overcome all the aspects of the game. They also like to use best clubs in golf clash game.

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But one thing we don’t know that is, finding a legit golf clash gems and coins generator is not as easy as it looks.

Golf clash coins generator is one of the biggest mystery, and today it’s going to get solved here.

From here on, you will be able to answer all the following questions about this game. Such as, how to play golf clash, how to get free coins in golf clash game, how to get free gems and coins in golf clash, and what are the genuine ways to obtain free resources easily in golf clash game.

So without wasting your time, let’s get started.

Introduction to Golf Clash

Golf Clash is an online multiplayer PVP game published by Playdemic. It’s been released worldwide in January 19th, 2017 for Android and iOS devices. However, for windows phones, it is not confirmed for any availability.

Even we encountered an unexpected delay in Wikipedia page for this game.

The game is based on Golf, as the name itself described its genre. It is an online mobile game, so you can arrange yourself a golf match with online players and compete with them for title and rewards.

If you are confused about the gameplay of this game, let’s take some of the examples here to understand how this gameplay works.

If you ever played Roblox game, then you might know how your opponents are selected from all other online players in the game. 8 Ball Pool is another best example of online player vs player gaming.

Players available online for you to play with, are selected to compete with you in the golf clash one vs one match. You can also play golf clash game with your online Facebook friends by joining golf clash from Facebook.

There is no doubt in this that, golf clash is very engaging and fun game we have on our playlist.


In a one vs one mode, you get 11 tours to play. Each tour has its unique ground site to play and as your experience in the game grows, one by one these tours get unlocked automatically.

Take a look at tours introduction in short below.

Tour 1.

Beginner Tour:

By Default unlocked tour is tour 1, here you learn to play game matches and understand how gameplay works. The Entry fees of this tour are 50 coins, and Prize is 100 coins.

Tour 2.

West Coast:

West Coast tour entry fees are 200 coins, and you can win 400 coins as a Winning Prize in this tour.

Tour 3.

Asia Pacific:

The Asia Pacific is the third tour in this list, and it cost 800 coins as an entry fee which is much for a beginner player. But here more risk is equal to more reward, and you get 1600 coins as a winning reward.

Tour 4.

6 Star Hotel:

To unlock this tour, you have to win 50+ matches. But the winning prize of this tour is 6000 coins.

Tour 5.

World Links:

150+ match wins to unlock and to win a prize is 20k coins.

Tour 6.

U.S. Champions:

350+ match wins to get entry and 60k winning prize

Tour 7.

West Coast Pro Series:

650+ match wins and 200k coins as prize

Tour 8.

Asia Pacific Pro Series:

1100+ match wins and 600k free coins as a prize.

Tour 9.

6 Star Hotel Pro Series:

Need 1700+ wins and 2 Million free coins as a prize.

Tour 10.

World Links Pro Series:

2400+ wins and 6 Million coins as winning prize

Tour 11.

U.S. Champions Pro Series:

3200+ wins and 20 Million coins for a winner.

Golf Clash has maintained standard golf game rules in the game too. This is the reason; that this game feels like a natural golfing experience while playing the game. One who doesn’t even know how to play golf sport can also play golf clash game without any problem.

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As we all know, playing any genre game without even knowing how to play it; is become comfortable with the {by default available} gameplay guides you witness in today’s games.

If we try to figure out the gameplay structure, in short, we can say that this game has unlimited opportunities for playing golf. One thing which may bother you is that, while searching for your online opponent, it takes longer than expected time in the game.

The rest of the gameplay experience is perfect for a regular gamer.

There are various clubs and balls are available to opt while preparing for a match. You can buy these clubs as well as balls by using your gaming currency, i.e. Coins & Gems. Of course, you get complimentary beginner’s club and ball in the beginning, but buying a good club will surely make a difference in your shot hitting abilities. And the same thing applies to golf balls too.


One Year Anniversary:

On the 19th of January 2018 Golf Clash is celebrating their 1 year anniversary. So stay updated for unexpected free gifts from the golf clash team to all their users.

Tournament Announcement:

As a part of one year anniversary celebration, Golf Clash has announced a special tournament for all of us to participate. The tournament will begin from January 15th. So stay tuned for more recent updates from Golf Clash.

Must Know Tips & Tricks for Golf Clash

When it comes to getting a power-packed knowledge about this game, then there should be some separate space available for golf clash tips and guides.

Now let’s take a look at some of the best golf clash tips and tricks you can follow while playing this game. These golf clash guides are essential and should be followed strictly if one wants to win every match in this game.

  1. Use Chests for Free Items: Most of the users ignore game chests and go directly for purchasing items they like in the game. But they don’t have idea that you get lots of paid items from these chests and even some of the rarest items can also be opt by these free chests. So don’t hesitate to open these chests ever. Because I believe that if a user accepts all the chests items regularly, then he or she would never run out of resources and never need to purchase anything in the game ever.
  2. Collect Free Chests: By every 4 hours, you get 1 free chest in a game. The chests are very important in this game as you can get free clubs and balls in the chests by collecting and opening them. Sometimes chests also give you free gems and coins. Although coins are normal and you can opt free coins from almost every chest you open.
  3. Try to have Pin Chests: Pin Chests is like a golden chests which can be obtain by putting 8 golf balls in a pin. On every 8 ball pins, you can unlock a pin chest which have bigger prizes.
  4. Open Winning Chests Regularly: Winning chests are the chests which you have earned after winning a match with opponent. You see these chests might be silver chests, platinum chests and if your luck is very good, you may also get free golden chests as a reward. Don’t forget to open these winning chests on regular basis.
  5. Don’t Purchase Too Early: Most of the gamers have bad habits of wasting their valuable game resources in the early stages of the game by purchasing unwanted stuff only. And most of the times, they don’t even use the stuff they bought. So why to waste money on these things. Always try to analyze the situation and then decide whether you really need that stuff or not.
  6. Hitting a Ball: If you are a beginner golfer, then this tip is only for you. If you know, the golf ground has 3 stages in it. One is “Fareway” which is good to pitch ball in. Second is “Roughway” It is little hard to move ball in any way. Third is “Sand Dumps” It is the most challenging place to play shot from. So be aware of these areas and only hit the ball in the Fareway radius.
  7. Pinning A Ball: Pinning a ball in a whole is not that hard, but if you don’t know and you put more power in hitting a shot, the ball may cross the hole and land on the other side of the hole. So be careful and don’t use extra power while putting a ball in the whole. Stay in the blue wind range.
  8. Try to Draw the Match: If your opponent is winning first by putting his ball early in the whole and you have one chance left to put yours in it, then do it and draw the match. This will let you have one more chance to win the game by hitting one last shot closer to the whole.
  9. Master Your Skills: Do not hurry to play big bidding games in the golf clash. First master on your ball hitting skills and try to use every ball and club before going into the big leagues. As there are masters waiting for you. And it is more likely the chance of losing your match instead of winning it. So, be a master of the ground and then only put your head into the big games.
  10. Use Everything You Can Use: When you have gained essential experience and have lots of resources in your pocket, then it is time to use every club you can use and hit every ball you can hit to know your tools capabilities. It will help you understand your best suitable equipment’s. So that you can use them while playing big matches.

But for this purpose, you will need to follow the first tip suggested here because without this advice, you cannot get all these clubs and balls for free and even you cannot participate in the big games. So, apply the first tip first, then use the tenth tip at last.

Golf Clash Hack Coins Generator

You may also like to know about using golf clash coins generator for participating in the big games. This is a golf clash hack tool which can let you access unlimited free coins and also gems in some cases for your account.

So how to hack golf clash? The answer is available for this question, and you can literally use golf clash hack if you don’t want to waste your time by collecting chests one by one.

The only problem is that there are lots of fraud websites offering fake golf clash gems generator to people. And this is the reason people don’t trust golf clash cheats most of the times.

But it is also true that there are some legit websites available which can provide you original golf clash hack apk in the working condition.

All you need to do is finding a legit site for yourself to get golf clash free coins and gems.

Finding Golf Clash Hack Tool

One of the best ways of finding a working golf clash hack is to reading various comments given in the bottom of the website about the site. If the comments are negative, it means the golf clash gems generator is not working, and you should find another one. If the comments are positive, then it means people are using this golf clash coin hack, and it is working for them.

And what if comments are negative as well as positive?

It means that this golf clash hack no survey was working fine before, but now it may have failed to work because of the huge resources generation demand.

Do I Need To Use Golf Clash Hack?

It depends on your gaming habit. How often you play this game? How long you play this game? Which matches you play in the game?

These are some of the questions which can self-answered for you. If you think you need more gaming resources like golf clash free gems or coins, and your needs don’t meet with the supply of free chests and winning rewards. Then it is time to use golf clash hack no human verification and make tons of golf clash gems and coins for free.

How To Be Safe?

Lots of us most of the times choose wrong sites to get free gems in golf clash. These sites guide you to the wrong places, or they just ask you to download golf clash mod apk hack version of the game. These golf clash hack apk are most of the times filled with viruses or spyware. They can track your activities and use your cookies to show you the relevant advertisements to earn the revenue.

To stay away from these things, try to avoid downloading these apk files. As these game apks are highly at risk. Instead of these downloadable cheats, try to use golf clash online resources generators available on the sites to generate coins and gems online. They are bit safer than apks.

The Conclusion

As an advice, it is suggested that you use above mentioned legit golf clash cheats and tips given for effective winning and gaining free resources in the match. However, you may also use golf clash cheats for some instance as there are still few original golf clash resources generators available to have the pleasure of.

You can still choose these online guides to help you for getting resources in golf clash game. But be aware of frauds so that your time will not get wasted.

Hence, if you are ready to invest your real money in buying the gems and coins for the game, then it might be the best way for you. But not for all other free gamers.

So, you have three options now.

  1. Spend Time Instead of Money
  2. Spend Money Instead of Time
  3. Use Online Resources Generator

If you have enough time to collect these resources from chests. Then you should go for the first option. But it will take much time and efforts for you.

And if you have real money, then invest it into purchasing of these resources from the game itself and you are done. You don’t need to spend your time and efforts for generating coins and gems for your game.

If you don’t have time and money, but still wants to get free resources without wasting your money and time, then the only way is available for you to try out these golf clash hack and golf clash cheats available online.

Remember, there is no surety of using these online resources generators, but still, there are peoples using these tools to get coins and gems for themselves from these sites. Yes, there are some working sites as well as fraud ones too. Your selection of sites may define whether you get resources from there or not.

So, selecting a site which already worked for you is the option in this case. Or you can also choose a random one from available sites to just try out ones before using it for yourself.

You can also put your friends account for testing into these sites. Of course, take his permission first and then do it.

The choice is yours.

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